Central Vacuum System

Automech Central Vacuum Systems is custom designed to your specific requirements.

Dynamic Type Vacuum Producers:
* Power from 3.7Kw to 75Kw
* Vacuum to -450mbarg
* Flow Rates to 20,000 CMH

* Choice of filtration systems
* Choice of discharge devices
* Piping systems that do not plug!

Multi Operators Central Vacuum System Overview

Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems that support more than one operator.

These machines maintain an equal vacuum while the air volume changes, with power increasing with
flow. To the operator, this means performance does not change as the number of operators change.

All Systems must be selected to work specifically for your application. No two systems will be the
same, so each must be engineered individually.

Central Vacuum Systems are made up of
six (6) major components:
* The Vacuum Producer or Exhauster
* The Filtration System
* The Discharge Device
* The Conveying or Piping Network
* The Hose and Tools
* The Control System

A complete line of hose, tools and accessories for all vacuum cleaning systems. All items are
selected for industrial duties, yet designed with long term operator comfort and safety in mind.