Ceramic/Basalt Lined Valves

Ceramic Lining Valves are engineered to withstand highly abrasive materials such as Fly Ash, Cement and Silica Sand for pneumatic conveying or discharged system. It reduces maintenance costs by standing up to the toughest applications without breaking.


Ceramic valves are manufactured using solid 99.5% high-purity alumina ceramic a hardness of HRC90. This has allowed the valves to be resistance to :

• Corrosion. 99.5% alumina ceramic is virtually inert to almost all organic and inorganic chemicals. They do not interact with, nor contaminate the process media. They are physically and chemically stable against most acids and alkalis and offer years of service with little or no corrosive degradation.

• Abrasion. 99.5% alumina ceramic is 43% harder than zirconia, 140% harder than porcelain and 730% harder than stainless steel, an indication of the long-term wear-resistance properties of our valve materials.

• Cavitation. Even severe, continuous cavitation will not degrade or damage our ceramic valve components. Therefore, ceramic ceramic valves may be used in cavitating or high differential-pressure applications with little or no harmful effects.


Long Service Life as a result of resistance to corrosion, wear and tear.
Increased Production Efficiency - because they substantially reduce downtime.
Resistance to abrasive materials such as Fly Ash, Cement, Silica Sand
Resistance to corrosive materials