Dantherm Dust Collector

Automech is in partner with Dantherm Filtration .

Dantherm Filtration serves all industries – some examples include:

Asphalt industry
Dantherm Filtration is a leading supplier of filter plants to all major suppliers of asphalt plants in the world.

Flue gas cleaning
Dantherm Filtration supplies systems for reduction of noxious gases as well as ordinary dust/smoke filtration from processes like scrap melting, furnaces, incinerators, crematories, coal-, wood- or oil-fired boiler plants. All systems are characterized by low energy consumption and low residual contents.

Foundry industry
Dantherm Filtration supplies complete filter plants, covering all demands in foundries all over the world: Moulding Plants, Sand Plants, Charging, Iron Melting, Aluminum Smelting, Pouring, Fettling and Shotblast.

Metal working industry
Dantherm Filtration supplies extraction, air filtration and ventilation systems to all metal working processes. Welding fumes, oil mists, and abrasive grinding dust are typical examples of applications where Dantherm Filtration supplies solutions that ensure good working environments and high product quality.

Wood industry
Dantherm Filtration is the leading supplier of wood waste extraction systems and surface treatment to the wood industry worldwide. For more than 25 years, Dantherm Filtration has served the wood industry with flexible individual solutions.

Product Overview

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