Root Blower Package

Automech Root Blower
The Root Blower is the core engine of any pneumatic conveying system. Its high flow rate has allowed many materials to be transported over long distance in relatively short time.

Principal of Operation
A root blower is a displacement-discharge blower as well as a suction type discharged pump. It consists of 2 rotors rotating in opposite directions. During rotation, the rotor to rotor and rotor to chamber gaps are maintained precisely at fractions of millimeter. With no friction between the moving parts, root blowers can rotate at high speed resulting in high flow rates which are suitable for many pneumatic conveying system.

Automech blower of the highest quality is available in sizes from 0.75Kw to 250 KW.
The following options can also be included in our blowers:
• Pressure release valve
• Absorptive and reactive silencer
• Unloading valves
• Non-return valves
• Line filters
• Pressure and vacuum switches
• Resilient mount
• Flexible joint
• Acoustic enclosure
• Stainless steel
• etc